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BTP and JTO Lean Learning Center in Finland join forces!

BTP and JTO Lean Learning Center recently signed an association agreement for the Finnish market. We are very proud to sign this agreement where we will have two very professional Senior Consultants, Peter Kanerva and Kalervo Laaksoharju, delivering TWI programs.

They are both still in training, getting their certifications during the spring. In the meantime, BTP trainers will cover the gap.

JTO Lean Learning Center is a highly recommended trainer for Lean since 2010. They have a Cart factory situated right near Helsinki airport where we will be able to simulate and train different programs if and when training at the real Gemba is not possible.

We see this as great

John Vellema

Business Through People

Senior Consultant and Owner

Please visit our Finnish website to a more detailed presentation of Peter and Kalervo:

Seuraavat avoimet valmennukset


Lean käytännön perusteet, 2 pv

9.-10.4.2019 (tännä)
14.-15.5.2019 (täynnä)
27.-28.5.2019 (täynnä)


Lean Hallinto – Lean Office, 2 pv


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